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      B-52       F-18       AN/TPS-63
      C-130       T-38       AN/TPS-70
      E-2C       AN/MPQ-T3       AN/TPS-75
      F-4       AN/MPS-T1       FPS-117
      F-5       AN/MST-T1       TPQ-36/37
      F-15       AN/TPS-43  
      F-16       AN/TPS-59  
       F-4 Systems and Sub-Systems supported
U.S. Dynamics provides repair, overhaul and new builds for AN/APQ-109 (Fire Control Radar), AN/APQ-120 (Fire Control Radar), AN/ASQ-153 (Laser Pod), AN/SPN/41 and 41A (Transmitting Set) and AN/TRN-28 (Receiver/Transmitter).
Download file contains assemblies, sub-assemblies and NSN's supported.
If item not found e-mail request to info@usdynamicscorp.com for review.